The Team

Founder: C White
Members:  Patrick Lindsay
              Tim Jones
              George Veys
              Ned Jones
               Jack Paxman
              James Le Meur
              Cameron Cross
              Cressie Lawlor
              Felix Light

Team Members

The Team






Team Members...

Our team is comprised entirely of volunteers.  We don’t get paid; we don’t have an office; but we do have the determination to bring about positive social and political change.  If you are able, please consider donating to GRIN to help support us in our work.

C WHITE - Founder

I founded GRIN Campaign in response to the large number of LGBTQ teen suicides both in the US and the UK.  Throughout my childhood, it had become apparent to me that education was full of inequality, especially for minority groups and those who are “just different”.  I have always wanted to positively influence people and push forward progressive change.  I know that we can create a society in which all people are RESPECTed, regardless of their differences.


Hi, I'm Patrick Lindsay.  I've been out for a bit over four years.  I was born in San Francisco, California and lived there until I was 9.  I only figured out that I was gay when I moved to England.  When I decided to come out I told quite a few people in my school, and as rumours do, it spread and within the week everyone knew.  Most people, even the ones I didn't expect, were very nice about it.  There were a few people who were quite homophobic, but I think I was really lucky to have as many understanding peers as I did then.  When I went to senior school there were quite a few more people who though being a "fag" was a bad thing.  Some of the people that were understanding of it in junior school decided it was cool to be homophobic and became pests.  I found that there are always nice people out there who like you for who you are, who'll be genuine friends and that the opinions of people who dislike you because of what you are shouldn't be too important.  Now that I've found foundation to who I am, I see my life going how I want it, so I'll always encourage you to never give up in hope, cause it's always there.  


I became interested in GRIN when I heard that they where doing a photo-shoot at my school, I had heard about the campaign before and knew all of the people running it so I went along to the shoot to help.  After that I started to become more and more in involved in GRIN helping out wherever I could.  I support GRIN as I think that their goals are what human beings deserve (e.g. equality), and I think that supporting GRIN is a very good way for me to help.  Although I have never had any problems myself, I feel that helping GRIN is the right thing to do as may of my friends have had trouble in the past. After all, it does get better.


Hi, my name is George Veys.  I originally started getting involved with GRIN, I will admit, with only the interest to help with the photography.  It wasn’t until I started reading about their cause that I realised what a huge problem there is out there with equality amongst the human race.  I did some more research into bullying resulting in teenage suicides; I was horrified with what I saw.  This led me to join GRIN Campaign and now I am fully behind them and want to make a difference.


Hi My name is Cameron Cross and I was born in 1997.  I became interested in GRIN because of low self esteem and dreaming about moving school every day due to bullying.  When my parents saw what I was talking about, my dream came true and I moved into an amazing new school.  Although, even then there was some bullying towards  kids in the lower years. Although this bullying did not happen to me, I still felt the pain and sorrow that I knew was similar to what I had gone through.  GRIN is the answer.  It gives hope to the depressed lives of severely bullied children and shows that everybody is different and that  they do not need to end their lives because of it.


Hi, my name is Cressie Lawlor. I was born on the 13th of October 1994 . I came out as a lesbian in June 2009 and I go to a mixed private school . My life thus far has been crazy, painful and just plain weird, but GRIN Campaign has had a big impact on my life because I've always wanted to help make a difference and now I can.