To mark Anti-Bulling Week in the UK Global Respect In Education launched #No2Bullying. 

#No2Bullying aims to raise awareness of and eliminate bullying. It has the capacity to become a viral trending topic on Twitter and the campaign will make use of social networking and the techno-culture that we live in to raise awareness.

Over the next few months #No2Bullying posters will be appearing in schools or crowded places. Not only will they raise awareness for anti-bullying, but they will also contain QR codes to direct people to our resources and website.

If you see a poster and have a smart phone, scan the QR code and see where it takes you.  Sometimes you will end up on stories, sometimes on merchandise, and on other times, who knows.  Good luck!



Make sure that you tweet: #No2Bullying.https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?hashtags=No2Bullying,&original_referer=http://www.grincampaign.com/GRIN_Campaign//No2Bullying_files/widget1_markup.html&related=GRINCampaign&source=tweetbuttonshapeimage_6_link_0

I want to put up some posters to promote #No2Bullying.


We are all unique, and it is these uniqueness that makes us who we are; we are special because of it.  Being bullied can be the result of differences, but it does not make being different a bad thing. Being bullied can occur because of a variation in appearance, behaviour, or for no reason at all.
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