What is bullying...
Bullying can come in may different forms: from teasing and name calling, to shoving and physical attacks.  Bullying is where a person or group of people uses their strength or influence to intimidate someone, usually to force that person to do as the bully wants.  It is the repeated act of unkindness in order to intentionally cause hurt to another person.

What forms can bullying take...
Bullying is when someone is repeatedly and intentionally exposed to negative actions, such as the infliction of pain, discomfort or injury, through physical contact, through words, using technology or in other ways.
Bullying is commonly divided into 3 categories: verbal bullying, physical bullying and cyber bullying. 

Why are people bullied...
Bullying occurs for all sorts of different reasons.  Sometimes it can be because of a persons differences in appearance or tastes, or it can be for no reason at all.  The thing is to remember that bullying can occur to anyone and that you are not alone.

I’m being bullied...
Bullying can occur to anyone and you mustn’t feel like you are inferior because of it.  If you are unable to deal with the bullying yourself seek help, tell someone and keep telling them until you receive the help that you need.
Don’t ever let a bully feel like you deserve to be bullied, you don’t; no-one does. Keep smiling and try to ignore what’s been said to you.
Remember, bullying occurs to many people and it’s not just you. You are not alone and plenty of people know exactly what you’re going through - they will understand.
You’re not the problem in this scenario: the bully is.

If you or someone that you know is at risk from suicide, visit our help page and seek help immediately. Help.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0


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