We are constantly developing educational packages for different school levels. We are teaching our Primary (Elementary) Creative Lesson Plans in schools at the moment and will make them available online very soon.


We have a selection of great educational activities that involve a range of folding, sticking and designing.  All activities are around topics of anti-bullying and RESPECT and are suitable for a variety of different ages.

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We have produced suggested amendments to the UK government’s document, The Importance of Teaching: The Schools White Paper 2010. 

Our suggested amendments strengthen anti-bullying policies and focus particularly on the LGBTQA community, ensuring that the transgender community is fairly represented instead of omitted.

These amendments can be downloaded here:


On the 13th of June 2011 GRIN Campaign received the following reply from the Department of Education regarding our amendments.


Let’s educate the world to accept individuality.
Educational White Paper
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Wearing a GRIN Campaign RESPECT wristband is a great way to make people realise that you are serious about ending discrimination and bullying.  Make people feel safe by showing them that you include them in your community.

Our rainbow coloured RESPECT bands have the word “RESPECT” written on the front along with “” on the back.  These wristbands can be purchased in packs of either 50 or 100 to give out, sell to rase back the funds or sell to raise money that can be donated to GRIN Campaign.

Although we only currently ship to the United Kingdom, we hope to ship worldwide soon.  To order please use our downloadable ordering form and show that you, your organisation or school demands RESPECT.

RESPECT Wristbands

We have just launched a new campaign that utilises technology and social-media to try and combat bullying.  #No2Bullying is not just about combating LGBTQ+ bullying, it is about combating the attitudes behind of all types bullying.

#No2Bullying deals with the more traditional concepts of bullying, but approaches them in a new and exciting way.


In the United Kingdom, LGBT History Month is celebrated in February and 2012’s official theme was “Challenging Homophobia and Transphobia in Sport.”  To make this occasion we released something new to the site everyday.  Many of these were educational activities and they can still be found in the LGBT History Month section.

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We are working on adding more posters to our range at the moment, but currently we have posters on anti-bullying and transgender issues.

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